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  • Russian Names Handout
    A very basic summary of how Russian names work.

    My site of choice for downloading legal Russian music mp3s and reading about musicians. Lyrics are occasionally included.

  • From the Ends to the Beginning.
    This bilingual anthology of Russian poetry includes audio of some poems, many of which are quite well-known.

  • Basic Russian Grammar.
    This very readable site covers all the basics of Russian grammar then adds various versions of the Soviet and Russian national anthems! The only downside is that everything is on one giant page.

  • English and Russian Grammar for Russian Students
    Good basic information on Russian noun declensions and verb conjugations.

  • 100 Russian Signs
    This site from Middlebury has photos of 100 Russian signs, many of which are rather funny. They’re good reading practice, particularly for beginners.

  • Interactive On-Line Reference Grammar
    This site contains some good basic information on Russian grammar, plus exercises. The “Learning Language Support” link at the bottom of the home page leads to lots of dictionaries.

  • Portland Public Library
    The Portland Public Library offers downloads of Pimsleur audio materials. Anyone with a PPL library card may use these services.

  • Transparent Language
    Transparent Language’s free “Before You Know It” program will send you vocabulary words to learn.

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